1. So this is kinda one of my OTPs now.

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  2. <—— omg the pro…

  3. #miff

  4. yalestewart:

    You’ll be missed, Spengler.

    Reblogged in memory of Harold Ramis.


    Monsters in the Closet by Yale Stewart

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  5. jl8comic:

    JL8 #156 by Yale Stewart

    Based on characters in DC Comics. 

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    2014 Con Schedule


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    I’d like to respectfully dedicate this installment of JL8 to Harold Ramis, who passed away today.

    Words can’t describe the impact his comedy had on my life, most notably “Ghostbusters.” 

    You’ll be missed, Spengler.


  6. Having a beach date with these two Spanish chicks, @elizo248 & Alba (sans instagram)

  8. Its the sound of his engine… :p

  9. durianarms:


    when you see it…

    Wow did they really not edit that out

    Forget editing it… the fact that they used fan subs XD

  10. How I feel today