1. Got to experience @phineasband today in tampa… whoa.

  2. Everyone is all like, #datenight or #besties , or #funapalooza2014. I’m here like #DinnerAlone #Rice #NeedAJobPleaseOhGod


  3. vertighoul:


    one more thing

    imma livestream some shows, that probably no one wants to watch, either this sunday (the 3rd) or the next sunday (10th)

    it’s for my birthday soooo consider it a party. a party over the interwebs. and you are all invited. we will most likely…


  4. alanmorlock:

    Guardians of the Galaxy (1995)

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  5. How I clean my room:


    •start at one corner
    •find something from 5 years ago and stare at it nostalgically for 10 hours
    •go to bed

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  6. So pretty much no one knows this, but I moved out and am now living on my own [in Orlando].

    Right now I am at a local starbucks, cuz I have no internet, and im trying to stay alive.

    Still waiting on hearing from HR to see if I got the job im trying to get, wait till you hear what it is.. :)

  7. mysterious0bob:



    Hjeir tweiue skeibkv iw kwpdj ehb. Ykwj wke ajveni asdkhv ej ghenbk andjgiw ih sheub wiuese hvw jajadn ejaleals ejbhsjeb owkbmcj jnu weuesbn. Keib bowheb rokwh nje orjg ria whjjfil njrk shjekjbo bkora wpf ghek ek ahjeh aoeb niwmcj. Tbeiu siev ejaveo hlekb whea nirkt vhei nruhg zvnsenoz ojg bhsj ehvehage fbsjbr pv

    -Edited by Jimmy Olson

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  8. every single time

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  9. durianarms:

    For you Americans, you freedom loving fucks

    I’m no tin can… I’m an AmeriCAAAN!!!

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  10. twofoxes:

    sum of my shower cosplays, never b4 seen by human eyes (cept mal) here now for your viewing pleasure, one time only, then beleted